Wildlife on your doorstep

The Julatten district boasts the second largest concentration of birds on the planet! We enjoy a really diverse ecosystem of rainforest, mountains and dry savannahs.

The wide variety of native flora found on our farm attracts a large selection of birds and butterflies. The magnificent Dollar Bird and noisy Pittas are often seen swooping through the tree tops. Rarely, will one leave the picturesque farm without seeing a Buff-breasted Paradise Kingfisher glide past the wing mirror of the car!

All of our water is derived from an underground spring which is pumped up daily. The water is fresh, safe and believed to have rejuvenation properties. You will leave the farm with soft, clear skin and hair!
Possible sittings of the famous Lamaltz Tree Kangaroo and the elusive Cassowary.

A plethora of wildlife resides at Black Mountain Hideaway. Sit quietly on your verandah at night and you could be treated to a whole show of weird and wonderful creatures. Alternatively, our dogs and cats love to hang out with new guests and like to 'protect' you in your lodge retreat!

The Environment

Black Mountain Hideaway at Julatten is set amoungst the rolling hills of the hinterland of Port Douglas. You can stay in what is described as the best climate in the world by National Geographic and time magazine. At an attitude well above sea level we are many degrees cooler than the coast below. Black Mountain Hideaway is a cool place in the tropics and only 4 km diretly from the Great Barrier Reef, catching the cool sea breezes even during the humid hot summers.

Julatten is an indiginous word for many springs, (water, water and more water). The water is plentifull, pure and crystal clear. The source is from the pristine area of rainforest jungle springs and underground rivers of Black Mountain and surrounds.There is no farming, agriculture or human habitation to interfere with our water source just pure clean wilderness. Our area is part of the Mareeba Gold and mineral fields. Natural crystals, semi precious stones and gold can be found locally. Thereby, Black Mountain Hideaway is neighbouring some of the most biologically diverse and oldest forests in the world. Tropical Australia boasts fabulous jungle vine forests to woodlands and open Eucalypt forests. Beautiful Melaleuca & water Lilly wetlands to green grass tree hills.

The Wet Tropics is renowned for its plentiful yet amazing and unusual wildlife. You could see the beautiful Ulysses and Cairns Birdwing Butterflies, colourful birds, from tiny bright yellow sunbirds to magnificent Red King parrots to giant soaring eagles, tiny frogs and possums, kangaroo's, tree kangaroo's, wallabies, wallaroo's, to tiny paddy melons, dingo's, cassowaries, many reptile species: turtles, lace monitors, water dragons and a variety of snakes, including the giant Amethystine python. Because many of these species are unique to the region, wildlife spotting is a fascinating and rewarding pastime and a great attraction for visitors and locals. The region is one of the richest regions for birds in Australia. Almost 300 species have been recorded, more than the number listed for Kakadu National Park.

The Wet Tropics World Heritage Area is famous for its breathtaking scenery of lush green mountains, cascading waterfalls and extraordinary plant and animal species. The region has about 3000 plant species from over 200 different families, with 700 of these species found nowhere else. The climate in the higher mountain regions like Black Mountain Hideaway is consistently cooler than the warm, tropical climate of the coastal lowlands. Travellers from Australia and abroad visit the region to immerse themselves in the environmental wonders of our tropical forest haven.

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December 13th 2011

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January 1st 2012

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